I am inspired by:

    - driving on empty highways while listening to the music that moves me
         - the way that art does the talking for me      

              - being overwhelmed with perfect light

                         - the unexpected

                                     - love.                




I'm Andi. I was born & raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and while still residing here, I am lucky enough to surround myself with my love, my family, and my closest friends. 

My love for photography started as a teenager and has developed into obtaining my Bachelor's of Arts Degree, with a concentration in Photography & Print Making, from the University of Nevada Las Vegas - to where I am now - a photographer with over ten years behind the lens.

I am head over heels with taking photographs. My obsession began from wanting to document all that I could, as often as I could, so that I can remember this little life of mine. So when I'm old and grey I can look back and see that I really lived in it while I could. I took chances, I made my own work and took pride in it. I didn't just pass through and endure it, I really looked at it.

I spend my time enjoying life with my husband George, whom I love beyond measure & our cat Belushi, traveling as much as I can, having nights out with friends and spending far too much money on film stocks & processing.



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